Mobile Ambient Analytics Platform

The Alohar Mobile Ambient Analytics Platform enables ambient location apps. In other words, it efficiently collects location and other mobile sensor data and quickly analyzes it to understand a smartphone user’s behavior. It achieves this while using the minimal amount of battery necessary on the mobile device. The platform is composed of a smartphone client SDK (software development kit) for Android and iPhone and several cloud-based services. The platform uses mobile location, motion, direction, Wi-Fi and timing data, and our patent-pending PlaceRanking system to learn about the mobile user in real time and over time. Therefore it provides more advanced functionality than a conventional mobile LBS (location based services) platform.

Here are just a few things you can do with the platform:
  • Automatically detect the places (including the name and category) that the user visits.
  • Minimize battery power consumption while gathering data from the mobile device.
  • Get notifications when a user arrives at or departs from a place.
  • Automatically get the number of times a user visits a place, and how much time is spent there per visit.
  • Automatically understand a user’s mobile motion state (e.g. stationary, walking or driving).

Alohar’s MBA (Mobile Behavior Analytics) Engine powers all kinds of Android and iOS apps such as health, safety, games, social networking, lifestyle, shopping and loyalty apps. For example, an Alohar-powered loyalty app can automatically present rewards to a customer the 4th time he visits a retail location in a given month.

The Alohar Mobile Location Behavior Analytics Platform differs from conventional geo-fencing systems, which are tedious and difficult to use because they require specific lat/lng boundaries to be defined ahead of time through a manual process. In contrast, the Alohar system accurately detects the places the user visits without any prior knowledge of the place or the geography. This frees up the developer to spend more time coding his app because the Alohar platform takes care of accurately detecting and reporting the POI data.

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