About Alohar Mobile

Alohar Mobile Inc. has developed a revolutionary ambient location platform that enables a whole new class of mobile applications that understand a user's behavior automatically and provide highly customized services to the user at the right time and at the right place.

Alohar Mobile's philosophy is to have your smartphone become your intelligent personal assistant. Apps built on the platform understand mobile user behavior based on patent-pending persistent sensing technologies. These apps will know what the user needs before he even asks, and will offer suggestions or recommendations in a predictive fashion.

The Alohar Platform efficiently collects location and other mobile sensor data and quickly analyzes it to understand a smartphone user's behavior. It achieves all these with excellent battery life. The platform is composed of a smartphone client SDK (software development kit) for Android and iPhone and several cloud-based services, based on Alohar's novel PlaceRank algorithms. The platform uses mobile location, motion, direction, wifi and timing data to learn about the mobile user in real time and over time. Therefore it provides more advanced functionality than a conventional mobile LBS (location based services) platform.

Alohar's MBA (Mobile Behavior Analytics) Engine powers all kinds of Android and iOS apps such as health, safety, games, social networking, lifestyle, shopping and loyalty apps. For example, an Alohar-powered health app can privately monitor a user each day and give him feedback about how his activity is tracking to his health improvement goals. It can automatically remind the user that he has been too sedentary and also warn him that he has been to too many fast food restaurants in a given week.

Alohar Mobile is founded by a number of Stanford alumni, and is invested in by David Cheriton, one of the first investors in Google, Ken Xie, Tim Draper, and other stellar world-renowned industry leaders.